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Perfect for the painter.  The  WindJet® air nozzle is perfect for those small spot repairs with waterbase paint.   The WindJet® is sold as the nozzle only,  so painters can put their own air nipple or air regulator on the WindJet® and carry it around conveniently.  

The WindJet® operates with a significantly lower noise level than most waterborne blowers. The WindJet® creates an air entrainment stream to the surface and then shears across the surface to create  rapid drying (should be at an agle to the target).

The WindJet® provides for uniform distribution of air across the impacted surface with strong shear to remove water from the coating rapidly.  The CFM usage  is 8.9CFM @ 30 PSI.

The  WindJet® orifices are protected from external damages by the recessed design.

This product can be used for many other applications as well.   Works well as a blow off gun without the significant noise and has a strong forceful air stream.

Dries waterborne basecoats faster than most all air moving products on the market. Compare this to other waterborne blowers that are offered.